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In the heart of Sinergy Cosmetics beats the force of nature.

Sinergy Cosmetics is a Family Home Business Company, founded by Nobili brothers, merging the passion for nature and beauty that still maintains, even if using technology, the characteristic of its “Italy hand made”.

Nature has taught us to love balance and beauty. We know that nature offers so much, and we want to share the nature fruits with you, selecting through a constant investment in research and development the raw materials, extracts and active ingredients, in the formulation of high performance professional products, which respect the health, and the environment.

Sinergy Cosmetics constantly invests in research and development, to enhance creativity and beauty, always respecting health, with the most possibile respect about environment.

All Sinergy Cosmetics professional products contain carefully selected natural ingredients to offer maximum effectiveness emphasizing product yield and at the same time perform a protective action for skin and hair and revitalizing to obtain maximum care for skin and hair.

If you’ll choose Sinergy Cosmetics, we’ll consider you part of the family. We feel so much the sense of the team and we believe that it is possible to achieve success only if it’s shared. Because of it we offer the know-how, experiences, objectives, goals, initiatives to grow and update ourselves in a continuous expansion process.

The Sinergy Cosmetics range includes the 90% organic B.iO line.

Sinergy Cosmetics includes a team of experts in various fields:

• chemists and technicians for research and development for laboratory tests

• production

• commercial and administration

• marketing, communication and training

• logistics and distribution structure

• hair stylist and art director

• fashion photographer

The advantages in marketing Sinergy Cosmetics products:

The advantages in marketing Sinergy Cosmetics products:
• excellent reputation of the Brand at national and international level;
• maximum satisfaction and loyalty from the user salons and the final customer;
100% certified Made in Italy products;
• high quality and maximum product performance;
• excellent quality-prices relationship;
• high profit margin;
• training services for distributors and salons on products;
• supply of institutional, product and promotional communication tools and materials;
• training on style and trends;
• technical support for hair stylists;
• training in the salon management strategy;
• marketing strategies and image consulting for the salon;
• support on communication, on-off line, institutional, corporate identity, promotional, products;
• support onon the construction of institutional or trend photographic images;
• synergistic collaborations with bodies and companies of other sectors of the world of beauty and fashion
• participation in fairs
• own production
• zone exclusivity
• exclusive sales rights to salons and specialized shops.

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