Cocktail Party – Training Course on Synergy Hair Lab: hairstyles and crops for special happening // 28-29 April 2019 // Sinergy Cosmetics Academy

On 28 and 29 April a training was held at the Sinergy Cosmetics Academy to create hairstyles and harvests, anticipating the fashion trend, in order to help express the personality of their customers by making the best of their image on the occasion of special happenings, cocktails parties, gala dinners, shows, ceremonies, formal occasions, and important events. Training by Cristina Bodei – Supervisor: Dennis Andruccioli.

Thanks to all the staff, and to all the salons that have chosen to join SINERGY HAIR LAB 2019.

Growing together in absolute sharing, with the same passion, and a strong unity is always an exciting and motivating experience! Updating together allows us to increase professionalism, increase brand reputation, and achieve shared goals with joy, energy and joy.

We win together!