11/11 2019 // Training course: Operative Marketing // Sinergy Cosmetics Academy – RN – Italy


Starting from the assumption that “we can not not communicate“, we can reflect on the fact that at every moment we transmit a message.

Therefore it is important to pay attention and communicate in the most appropriate way to our identity, in everything we do.
In the salon, in the relationship with customers and collaborators, through exhibition materials and online and offline communication media.

What do we want to transfer? And what do we want our customers or potential customers to welcome?

How can we create effective, professional and coordinated communication?

It is not enough to think about the content, but we need to think about the “how” we communicate it.

Why does a new potential customer choose our salon, rather than another?

How do we make ourselves noticed and immediately recognized?


The course aims to offer an introduction and lay the foundations for launching an institutional and promotional communication of the salon respecting and expressing its corporate identity on different channels.

It will be the starting point for the choice and loyalty of existing customers, sharing a continuous evolution and offering a pleasant experience in the salon and outside the salon; increase its credibility, prestige and profit, communicate precisely and in a clear, coordinated and appropriate manner the essence of the show and its services; strengthen relations with customers and collaborators; learn to relate with potential new customers through any type of printed and online support.


Giorgio Avanzolini
communication manager


Sinergy Cosmetics Academy – Misano Adriatico (RN) – Italy


1 day


11st of Oct 2019

About information: info@sinergycosmetics.it