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The winners of the XXIX National Competition for Young Fashion Designers – RMI 2019 have been announced
Absolute winner of the competition – Marco Anzil

The 2019 edition of RMI, the CNA Federmoda event that since 1991 has offered opportunities for young people to enter the world of fashion and businesses to recharge their creative heritage, ended with the final of the 29th edition of the FASHION PROFESSION YOUTH PROFESSION SHOW COMPETITION. .

The examining board consists of: Laura Lusuardi from Max Mara, Deanna Ferretti Veroni from Modatedeca Deanna, Piero Vitalini from Forza Giovane, Caterina Rorro from Lectra, Elena Salvaneschi from The One Milan, couturier Luigi Borbone, Beppe Pisani and Eleonora Beni awarded works at the competition show selected from over one thousand projects presented.
“The fashion sector represents an immense heritage for our country. An economic, social and cultural heritage. – declares Antonio Franceschini, National Manager of CNA Federmoda – In the context of RMI – Research Fashion Innovation we try not to neglect any of these aspects as we believe that the force of fashion is also given by this articulation and complexity that leads to the need to have a wide preparation to better face the sector “. “This is why the National Competition for Young Fashion Designers Professionals born in 1991 since the first editions has been characterized by the investment in information and training to bring to young people interested in entering this world” continues Franceschini.

“As we have been emphasizing for a long time, I want to reaffirm that the professional level of Italian schools in the sector is in no way inferior to many international realities – says Roberto Corbelli – RMI Artistic Director – this is also in our opinion because the Italian educational system can count on a background formed by many small and medium enterprises and an activity like the one we carry out with RMI to connect these two worlds brings clear benefits “.

30 young aspiring designers of tomorrow who full of expectations and tension have marched on Sunday 7 July at the Prati Bus District in the context of Altaroma. These are the winners:

RMI Award 2019: the absolute Winner of the XXIX National Young Profession Fashion Design Competition is MARCO ANZIL of ACCADEMIA COSTUME E MODA Roma, which is awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic, awarded as a representation prize at the 29th edition of the National Fashion Profession Competition Young Stylists, delivered by Claudio Giovine CNA Economic and Social Division Director. Further awards: Kaledo software license – supported by LECTRA, delivered by Caterina Rorro, Lectra Italia Marketing Manager. Participation in the Mozambique Fashion Week 2019 as a special guest following the cooperation agreement between CNA FEDERMODA and DDB MOZAMBICO and participation in the fashion show for young designers at EXPOTEXTIL Peru 2019.
The jury’s motivation: “For a project that interprets the outerwear destructuring the materials, re-proposing them in new forms and at the same time redesigning them”.
Assigned to

The Section Clothing Award was presented by Laura Lusuardi, Fashion Coordinator of Max Mara to TERESA PATERLINI of the Politecnico di Milano Rome with the following motivation: “for the international spirit, the research capacity, the ability to identify the roots of the collections in the relationship between fashion and culture “.

The Section Child Clothing Award was presented by Beppe Pisani, President of CNA Federmoda Lombardia to BARBARA MIELE of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, “for the international spirit, the research capacity, the ability to identify the roots of the collections in the relationship between fashion and culture”.

The Section Accessories and Footwear Award was presented by Piergiovanni Vitalini of Forza Giovane to CLAUDIA MARIANI of IED in Rome “for the design ability, the research on materials, the love for the contemporaneity of a modern feminine”.

The Underwear and Sea Section Award was presented to WALESKA PRIETO – Istituto Moda Burgo Milano by Roberto Corbelli; RMI Artistic Director “for the manual skill, the knowledge of the modeling aspect, the design coherence of a modern glamor”

The Knitwear Section Award “for collection proposals that express passion, a desire to experiment, search for materials” was assigned to GIOVANNI BARTOLINI – Polytechnic of Milan by Deanna Ferretti Veroni.

The Fur Section Award, a section organized in collaboration with AIP (Italian Fur Association) was delivered by Elena Salvaneschi, Secretary General of TheOneMilano to MARCO ANZIL of the Rome Costume and Fashion Academy “for having interpreted the ductility of furs with fashion according to the most modern concepts of circular economy and reuse.

The Special Prize for the “BEST MODELING PROPOSAL”, sponsored by IACDE CLUB ITALIA, was awarded “for the coherence of the project, the accuracy in the realization of the garment and the perfect fit” from Eleonora Beni to ELENA CINGOLANI of the Next Fashion School of Ancona .

The Special Award “THE MOST YOUNG FINALIST”. Offered by IACDE Club Italia, it was delivered by Luigi Borbone to MONHUI ZHANG of the Higher Education Institute Caterina da Siena in Milan.

The Special Award “THE ONE MILAN”. Backed by The One Milan, Elena Salvaneschi was again assigned to CHIARA GULLO of the Koefia Academy in Rome “for having created a collection that wisely balances fur and clothing, capturing the traditionally young spirit of The One Milano.”

The LECTRA Special Award “for the originality of a correct mix between heritage and avant-garde of the entire project” was awarded by Caterina Rorro, Lectra Italia Marketing Manager to RENATO DE SIMONE of the Costume and Fashion Academy of Rome.

Particularly prestigious is the collaboration with the Mozambique Fashion Week in Maputo, now in its fifteenth edition, with which CNA Federmoda for the tenth consecutive year has stipulated a close synergy based on the exchange of experiences between young Italian and Mozambican stylists. Jaciara Morais, Nadia Saete and Ricardina Adelino from Mozambique, Ricardo Quispe De Agulia from Peru and Rahma Saidana from Tunisia were the guest stylists of CNA Federmoda who, in addition to treading with their collections the catwalk of the Prati Bus of Altaroma July 2019, will have the opportunity to meet made in Italy companies and participate in the workshops reserved for the finalists of the XXIX National Competition for Young Fashion Designers, integrated part of the MRI.
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