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Sinergy Cosmetics was born in the family farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The devotion for nature blends in the heart of brothers Roberto and Henrich Nobili with a love for beauty developed in their hair salons.

This is how Sinergy Cosmetics born, currently it represents an Italian leader in the development of innovative and professional cosmetics for each type of hair, while maintaining the values of beauty and health.

Thanks to the great support of our partners who love nature and well-being, we symbolize  today the excellence of Made in Italy in professional hair care in Italy and abroad. We always maintain our roots by combining traditions and technologies, to meet the needs of distributors, hairdressers and users.

In the heart of every project beats the power of nature.



We consider the product as a formidable opportunity with which you can emphasize your authenticity and personality. We offer you our knowledge with modern and dynamic communication and training courses useful for your success.


We want to create a strong synergy with our partners, for lasting and fruitful relationships.
The passion for fashion, beauty, environmental sustainability and biological world, lead us to imagine a future in which every person can be free to express themselves and dare, enhancing their creativity.


We support you in an unforgettabl beauty and wellbeing way, emphasizing character and uniqueness. We strongly desire to meet, discover and understand your world and go together to a wider vision, surpassing the conventional, accentuating and affirming your personal concept of style.

We would like to share our know-how with you to ensure simplicity and effectiveness to your work; we make everyone happy and satisfied. We think beyond the product, developed by our laboratories with the utmost care, to guarantee high performance. We offer you knowledge, support, training and communication tools to enhance your reputation.


Nature taught us to love balance and beauty.

We start growing our future thanks to all the partners that believed in our projects.

We invest in research and development. We collaborate with professional technicians to enhance the creativity and beauty of each type of style, always respecting the health and beauty of hair and scalp.

Each natural ingredient is carefully selected, all products are tested confirming tolerability and effectiveness.

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