Sinergy Cosmetics

Sinergy Cosmetics is an Italian family home company with pluriannual experience in the research and development of professional cosmetics for the care and style of each type of hair.
We consider the product as a formidable opportunity with which you can emphasize your authenticity and personality.

We offer you our knowledge by flanking the product with innovative modern and dynamic training paths useful for your success.
The passion for fashion, beauty, environmental sustainability and the biological world, lead us to imagine a future in which every person can be free to express themselves and dare, enhancing their creativity.

We support you in an unforgettable way of beauty and well-being, emphasizing character and uniqueness in style with professionals 100% made in Italy.


Sinergy Cosmetics choises are taken to maintain the balance between beauty and well-being as much as possible with the implementation of responsible choices.

Sinergy Cosmetics is:



Sinergy Cosmetics uses:

  • sustainable and renewable energy
  • Sinergy Cosmetics products are not tested on animals
  • FSC certified papers for packaging and communication materials. This makes it possible to trace its provenance and to make an active contribution in a correct, transparent and controlled manner to responsible forest management.

Sinergy Cosmetics research and choose with the utmost care and attention the elements necessary for the formulation of products, eliminating or replacing the ingredients and preferring the processing of the less harmful elements for the body and the environment, to limit problems to the body and facilitate the dispose, maintaining high standards of performance and quality and ensuring high levels of professional performance.

In particular in the organic based B.iO line, it uses sustainable raw materials, with active ingredients, vegetable fragrances, from certified organic plants and flowers, which follow seasonality and traditional harvesting systems.


The properties of the raw materials are the basis from which Sinergy Cosmetics starts to formulate the products.

  • The raw materials are of Italian origin
  • The ingredients chosen are the least harmful and processed in the most suitable way to respect the care of the skin and the environment
  • Linea B.iO is organic based, with active principles, extracts and essences of natural origin from certified organic agriculture
  • The silicones used in some products are selected within the from the best available on the world market, and they are the most compatible and the best for hair treatments and environment respect
  • The argan is 100% pure and comes from the area that the UNESCO in 1998 proclaimed the “biosphere reserve” in Morocco
  • The treatment line is formulated using the healthiest ingredients for the skin and which guarantee high efficiency and high specificity
  • The Zen line does not contain Sles, Sls, Ammonia, Resorcin, and Ppd.
  • 99,9% of Sinergy Cosmetics products do not contain parabens.
  • Sinergy Cosmetics products do not contain aluminum salts or toxic substances.
  • The pigments are made up of microparticles of impalpable powder.

All products are tested for tolerability and high performance.

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