// B.iO natural remedy based to essential oils to restore scalp and hair anomalies

B.iO was born to be a line of highly advanced products. Attentive to ecology but above all to respect for the person and his health, maintaining beneficial effects for every type of skin and hair. The careful selection of raw materials, obtained from certified organic farming, allows to obtain high performance both for professional and for continual maintenance use. To offer maximum performance, special attention has been paid to the principles of nature that follow seasonality and traditional harvesting systems. From scientific research formulations with active plant ingredients and other synergistic concentrations of essential oils, plants and flowers are born, eliminating unnecessary substances. The entire B.iO line is biodegradable, does not contain SLES, SLS, parabens, dyes, and is not tested on animals. Every single product can be used and works in synergy with any other of the B.iO.

The B.iO essential oils remedy line is the result of this great attention, which concentrates its effectiveness by using the extraordinary power and properties of the highest quality essential oils that act in synergy with extracts of flowers, plants and fruits, waters and clays. These substances, combined with cutting-edge technologies, allow Sinergy Cosmetics to offer effective remedies for skin and scalp alterations, restoring their normal balance and health, naturally and gently.

B.iO essential oils remedy is formulated with essential oils, extracts, waters and clays.

// Essential oils: they represent the essential part of the plant and contain the highest concentration of beneficial substances. They are concentrated substances, enclosed in their various tissues, obtained by distillation. They can be considered as a complex mixture of organic compounds formed by innumerable molecules not replicable in the laboratory: alcohols (antibacterial and antifungal), phenols (major antibacterials), terpenes (balsamic, expectorant, mucolytics), oxides (antiviral and antifungal), aldehydes ( anti-inflammatories and antimicrobials), esters (decongestants and antispasmodics). Large quantities of product are needed to produce an essential oil (1 kg of essential oil can be obtained by extracting 70 kg of seeds at 3500 kg of petals). They perform a predominant action. The essential oils also have a powerful beneficial effect on the whole organism through the care and psycho-physical well-being activated by their aromatherapy properties.

// Waters: They are obtained from the maceration and filtering of plants / flowers / leaves.

// Extracts (hydrolates): extracts from plants and obtained by distillation in water after maceration and distillation which takes place at over 100 ° C.

// Clays: Clays are powders used by antiquity as a remedy for multiple disorders and as a beauty secret. The chemical composition of the clay gives it multiple unique and exceptionally effective therapeutic properties.

Why essential oils? Sinergy Cosmetics has decided to return to its origins to take full advantage of what nature has to offer us the most powerful. The use of essential oils has been known since ancient times, in China, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, from the heart of the Andes to the Aztecs. The Egyptians were already adept at using oils derived from medicinal plants in cosmetics and as remedies for restoring health, recognizing their powerful antiseptic and antibacterial action. This custom was inherited by the Greeks using them in food, drink, body care and clothing. The Arabs thanks to the invention of the stills began to distill the purest part of the plant. The essential oils are recognized today by the holistic discipline with a therapeutic action, not only limited to a specific action but rather to preserve health and psycho-physical well-being on the whole organism.

// Pre-treathments
// Washing phase
// Intensifier phase
// Boost phase
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